Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to me like I’m 5. What exactly do you do?

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Ok, sure! We comb through your full FBA cycle and reconcile to find any discrepancies in which Amazon may owe you money. This may be from losses, damages, refunds, fees overcharged and more. This is money which is rightfully yours, but Amazon doesn’t pay it unless you claim it properly (which we do very well).

How often do you reconcile my account?

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By default we reconcile monthly, however you have the option to control the frequency. Less frequent, more frequent, by request only, you’re the boss.

Do you automate claim submissions?

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No! Automated claims are against Amazon's policies. Besides, having a real case manager ensures everything gets double checked and is the best it can be before we file any claims.

What do you need to access my account?

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We are registered with Amazon as developers, so all we require is your Amazon MWS API credentials to pull reports and run our audits + access to your seller central account as a secondary user to open and manage your cases.

How does the claim process work?

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Our algorithm audits your data based on a 90 day to 18-month look-back period depending on the types of claims. After reviewing the results our case managers manually file any claims with Amazon on your behalf. We then monitor and follow up until you see your refund.

Are you compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service?

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YES. The safety of your account is of utmost importance to us and we will never jeopardize your account.

Can I also file my own claims?

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While of course we rather do everything for you, yes you can. Each case has its own unique case ID that allows us to track it to make sure we don't file anything you filed for already. Additionally, we will never charge for a claim we didn't file ourselves.

I’m currently using another reconciliation service, what now?

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We can start right away with a complimentary re-audit to see if anything was missed or could have been done better. Because we have a proprietary way of filing claims as well as cover unique claims that others don't do we are almost always able to get you back significantly more.

How do I pay you?

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We invoice every two weeks. Then you look it over, see how happy you are and pay us, just like that! We accept credit cards, checks, ACH.

What does Rightfully cost?

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We charge you only a percentage of what we recover. 25% to be precise. No monthly fees, no additional charges, no fees for running any audits. If you make money we make money, and if you don't then neither do we.

What exactly do you cover?

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We cover the full FBA lifecycle. From inbound and warehouse, to refunds and returns, we cover any discrepancies, errors or issues to make sure you get back what's rightfully yours every time. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, to see a sample of some of the cases we cover.

When Amazon isn’t being so amazing

There’s no claim we can’t conquer, there’s no rep we won’t contact. Here are some of the more frequent case types we handle, contact us for a customized detailed list of what we can do specifically for you.


Lost items at FBA


Damaged items at FBA


Disposed items at FBA


Inventory Discrepancies


Incorrectly refunded to customer


Other concessions refunds


Re-evaluate incomplete refunds


Replacements  with no returns 


Damaged returns


Wrong FSNSKU returns


Uncredited Inventory


Weight/Dimension Discrepancies


Storage fees overcharged


LTSF fees overcharged


Referral fees overcharged


Re-evaluate reimbursement 


Removal order not delivered


Unused shipping label


Inbound Shipment Issues

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