Between lost inventory, returns, warehouse damage, refunds, fee overcharges and adjustments, you can be losing up to 3% of your revenue.

Over 2000+ companies use Rightfully to get them back what's rightfully theirs.

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For the past seven years, we've used good people and good tech to get people like you the most lost FBA revenue back in the safest way possible. Judging by the thousands of accounts and tens of millions of dollars recovered and successfully reimbursed, we’d say we’re doing a pretty good job.​

The sellers have spoken

Some nice words from the people that walk in your shoes.
M. Sharma

"I was impressed with Rightfully's services, which increased my income. The platform is easy to use, and I recommend it to all Amazon sellers."

M. Bukchin

“Rightfully was able to recuperate much more money than the other services we tried in the past. Thank you!”

M. Raskin

“Clean. Organized. Simple. Fast. I love working with you guys!!”

D. Herzog

“Rightfully has made it so easy to manage our claims and recover lost revenue. The customer service has been responsive and available, and we highly recommend them to all our fellow sellers.”

R. Cohen

“Thrilled with the results we've gotten from Rightfully. We have more insight and more reimbursements than we ever had before, and the portal is truly a game changer.”

S. Wilkerson

“We're so happy we chose Rightfully! For once, we feel like we’re in control of our claims and accounts. The recovery rate has been second to none, and the customer service spot on.”

S. Solomon

“It was eye-opening how Rightfully got us more money from Amazon than our own in-house efforts.”

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