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Our experience and expertise can help you maximize your profitsand minimize your headaches.

There’s no case too complicated or too small for us to take on - from overcharges to discrepancies to undelivered removals.

Our sweeping and accurate reconciliation process is presented in a clean and organized format, and our portal delivers maximum transparency and collaboration tools. With a thorough follow-up system and top-notch customer service, you can rest easy knowing your account(s) are in good hands.

Clean Cases
Clean-cut cases = successfully resolved cases.

Our reconciliation process is thorough and accurate, and we present our cases in a clean and organized format. Because attention to detail and clear communication are key to successful results.

Advanced Cases
No case we can’t crack.

In addition to the standard cases that other providers offer, we help you streamline your recovery process and get more of what’s owed to you by handling FBA fee overcharges, full inventory discrepancies, undelivered removals, unused labels, and more.

Follow ups
We take the lead on all follow-ups.

Unlike many providers, we don't stop at filing a case. We actively follow up on all cases, ensuring they are processed promptly and that you receive your reimbursements as quickly as possible.

User Portal & Collaboration
You’ve got the power.

Our portal provides maximum transparency and gives you  full control over your reconciliation process. Log in to see your cases, and choose your preferences like frequency, types of cases, and more. Our portal also includes collaboration tools for inbound and product dimensions, which allows you to work with us in real-time to ensure the most accurate reconciliation possible.

Inbound Shipments Shortages Management
Reimbursements inbound.

We understand that shortages in inbound shipments can significantly affect your business. So, we offer dedicated management services that track and audit your inbound shipments - and manage any necessary back and forth with Amazon (“investigation completed…” Sound familiar?) to ensure you're reimbursed for any discrepancies.

Up-to-date with Amazon’s updates and nuances.
Up to date so you always come out on top.

Amazon's policies and systems are continually evolving, and so we do to. We stay current with these changes, ensuring our strategies are up-to-date and that we can navigate through Amazon's complex landscape effectively for the benefit of your business.

Global Service
Anywhere, anytime.

No matter where your business is based, we're here to help. Our global service capability ensures that Amazon sellers around the world can benefit from our expert Amazon FBA refunds and reimbursement services.

Reversal reimbursements & transparency
If they take it back, you get it back.

In the rare event that Amazon retracts a previous reimbursement, we ensure the commission we charged for that reimbursement is credited back to you. Unlike many of our competitors who may not disclose such occurrences, we believe in maintaining complete transparency and fairness between us.

Top-notch customer service
Customer service that’s always at your service.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Our team is always ready to assist you, providing personalized solutions and expert advice to help you get the most out of your Amazon selling experience.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Between lost inventory, returns, warehouse damage, reimbursements, and adjustments, you can be losing up to 3% of your revenue. But that ends now. Use our calculator below to see what we can get back.
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See how much we can get you back.

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The sellers have spoken

Some nice words from the people that walk in your shoes.
M. Sharma

"I was impressed with Rightfully's services, which increased my income. The platform is easy to use, and I recommend it to all Amazon sellers."

M. Bukchin

“Rightfully was able to recuperate much more money than the other services we tried in the past. Thank you!”

M. Raskin

“Clean. Organized. Simple. Fast. I love working with you guys!!”

D. Herzog

“Rightfully has made it so easy to manage our claims and recover lost revenue. The customer service has been responsive and available, and we highly recommend them to all our fellow sellers.”

R. Cohen

“Thrilled with the results we've gotten from Rightfully. We have more insight and more reimbursements than we ever had before, and the portal is truly a game changer.”

S. Wilkerson

“We're so happy we chose Rightfully! For once, we feel like we’re in control of our claims and accounts. The recovery rate has been second to none, and the customer service spot on.”

S. Solomon

“It was eye-opening how Rightfully got us more money from Amazon than our own in-house efforts.”